Is it okay to get wetChapter 54

No one in the water knows… so… it’s okay to get wet… .Yoo Sam works as a swimming instructor in a new city. Rich, time consumed , pretty married women are reaching out to Yoo Sam. Can I really touch a married woman?!

I Am The Sorcerer KingChapter 143

10 years ago, the monster horde from the rift formed from space and time started attacking the mankind. At the same time, people have started to awaken the power and began hunting the monsters for fame and money Lee SungHoon, in need of money because

In The SummerChapter 86.5

Youngsu, along with 4 friends go to the countryside to do volunteer work. For two years he has been in love with Ye Seul, the goddess of the university. In the country house where they are staying, one night in the forest he heard a moan … And so beg

I Want To Know HerChapter 35

Seong Jin, an editor of a men’s magazine, spends his new working life as quietly as possible, until one day, during the workshop he attended with the women from his editorial department, one of them ‘assaulted’ him in the middle of the night. Without

In At the Deep EndChapter 39

After years of slacking off, Sun-ki decides to get his act together and find a job. Strong, virile and good with his hands, he finds a position that’s perfect for him: swimming pool maintenance guy at the local women’s university! But when the girls

I Like Sports Girls!Chapter 32 - Special Story 4 (END)

A sweaty woman is a beautiful woman! Martial arts, swimming, cycling, athletics, healthy, sticky… The girls of exercise and sexy sports

I Will Die SoonChapter 66 - The End

I’ve failed in this life. This is the start of my new 13 lives, together with Death.

Is There an Empty RoomChapter 64.5

You said you came to see the room but… Where are you looking at?” A share house overflowing with sound. I’ve lowered the rent, but it’s… gotten bigger!

I See Your MoneyChapter 82 - Epilogue

To Sungchoon, seeing how much assets a person has and will have in the future comes in handy when dealing with all kinds of situations. He then meets Jihyang, a daughter of a conglomerate owner and approaches her, hoping to change his fate of having

Inevitable TrapChapter 40 - The End

Sheila is such a great girl but if only she was more like my ex..

I Massage My Little Sister Every NightChapter 44

I Massage My Little Sister Every Night Manga also known as (AKA) “I Massage My Sister Every Night”. This Completed was released on 2018. The story was written by Mocco and illustrations by Mocco. I Massage My Little Sister Every Night webtoon is abo

Inside the UniformChapter 31 - The End

Art instructor Dongho seems to be caught in a love triangle with college students, but what will the three learn about each other when the uniform comes off?

It Would Be Great if You Didn’t ExistChapter 80.5 - Epilogue

Chrissy—Chrysanthemum—Han met the love of her life as she hit rock bottom. Her boyfriend cheated with another woman and, worst of all, she was cute! When the other woman decides to pay off the debt of Chrissy’s ex boyfriend, Chrissy can’t help but sl

Incompetent VillainChapter 33

He can’t even kill a person, but he’s a villain? What kind of Villain is that? Kim Dong Jin, a high school student who calls himself a villain and explores the dark side. And this villain’s fatal weakness is…

I Choose You!Chapter 111 - The End

Ms. Stockings used to play dating games for fun but now, she has to play to save the world? What kind of game is this?

I’m a NEET and My Elder Sister is PervertedChapter 52

I like my brother too much, so I want to live together for the rest of my life! An older sister disturbs a NEET brother who wants to go to university.

I Massage My Sister Every NightChapter 44

My parts down there were melting like cream. My big brother’s hands were just inches away from invading the insides of my panties. Is this really just a massage…!?

InhaleChapter 76 - The End

Doyoung’s life as he knows it starts to turn upside down with the kidnapping of his sister, Dohee. With his psychometric ability, he finds out that the people who kidnapped his sister aren’t normal humans and that there are many others with special a

Inyutsu no YakataChapter 9


I Have Twin Girlfriends RawChapter 173

My only girlfriend suddenly told me that she had a twin sister She actually lied to me for so long!!

In The Summer RawChapter 86.5

Young-Su, along with 4 friends go to the countryside to do volunteer work. For two years he has been in love with Ye Seul, the goddess of the university. In the country house where they are staying, one night in the forest he heard a moan… And so beg

I’m The Leader Of A Cult RawChapter 36

Lee Changjae, a high school graduate and an orphan, was offered compensation for his hard life by an entity He spoke after hesitating, "I want an interesting life that has both wealth and women!" And so, I am now the leader of a cult.

I Was Ordered to Re-Enlist RawChapter 22

Minho, a 30-year-old coffee shop part-timer this year, was diagnosed with a herniated disc at the age of 20 and worked for the public service. But one day, 10 years later, he is suddenly ordered to enlist by the Military Manpower Administration. Minh

If I Don't Fuck Them, I'll DieChapter 10

"First, we'll give you a test of vitality." I was kidnapped and brought to an island where only women live?!

I Have a Girl’s Body and I Can’t Stop Cumming!!Chapter 16

"I didn't know it'd feel so good to have tits and a pussy!" Transformed into a woman and discovered by one of his least liked friends, a high-school student's hyper-sensitive female body is taken for a wild ride!!

I Want To Become A Daughter Thief RAWChapter 67


Intern HaenyeoChapter 97

It's the generation of the Corona outbreak! Due to a shortage of medical personnel, "Hwang Gwangho," an intern doctor, was forcibly assigned to a place called "Mermaid Village." One day, he meets "Hyeyeon," one of the village's Haenyeos who is defens

I Ended Up in the World of Murim RawChapter 40

Did you not wish to see me, My Lord?I've taken over a man's body in the world of Murim, and to make things even more complicated, it's the body of an extra in a world where everything is determined by strength and skills. There's only one way to surv

Isekai NTR: Shinyuu no Onna wo Saikyou Skill de Otosu HouhouChapter 12

This shitty world that’s nothing but a trashy game, he and I will definitely escape it together. So, all these annoying women trying to take advantage of him are just a nuisance. What’s worse, it seems like he’s beginning to have some feelings for th

I Want to Be an Alpha RawChapter 25

"Seong-Min" has lived a life without contact with women. He was full of anticipation that he might start a relationship after getting a job, but the only thing he greeted Seong-Min, who was exhausted after work, was an empty corner of the house. In t

In Her PlaceChapter 40

Married life with his wife isn't easy for Taehyeon. Eventually, his wandering desires keep heading toward Mrs. Lim who is his mother-in-law?!

I Have Twin GirlfriendsChapter 30

My only girlfriend suddenly told me that she had a twin sister… She actually lied to me for so long!!

Island PuzzleChapter 28

A couple goes to a hotel on an island. On that stormy night, a guest falls from her room and dies. The couple has to solve the mystery!

I Did Naughty Things... With My (Drunk) SisterChapter 49

"If you want it, ask for it please" Takuma was already tired of fighting all the time with his sister Akane. One day he meets a voluptuous woman drinking in a park. Suddenly the woman kisses him! Her soft and comforting aroma... awakens in him a fami

Isekai Onsen Ni Tensei Shita Ore No Kounou Ga TondemosugiruChapter 22

High school student Atami Kusatsu on his way to a rural onsen, meets with a tragic accident along the way and dies, but he’s reincarnated as an onsen in a fantasy universe. In this world, the liquefied Atami turns out to have remarkable physical and

Is It Your Mother or Sister?Chapter 43

The sweet scent of my mother's embrace, just like 3 years ago. I was lying on the same bed with my mom like when I was young, but she began to see me as a man I can give you everything, my son'.

In search of LoveChapter 6

"In search of Love", a national project to encourage marriage that only people aged 24 or older, and who have been single for more than a year can participate in. 11 men and women who gathered to find true love, start to move based on their mental an

InexperiencedChapter 42

No synopsis yet check back soon!

Insertion Into a Lewd Spot…!Chapter 27

"H- Hey, how far are you going?" He teases that special spot lubed up with expensive oil!! It's spring, the time for universities to hold their entrance ceremonies. His friend since childhood, Yua, takes him to the beauty club that's currently on the

I Want A TasteChapter 29.5

Ho-Chan who visits Somang Enterprise after receiving their business card, was greeted with the Manager's ample bust inside the rundown company? "Ho-Chan, aren't you curious about what's inside my panties?". Already being seduced by Da-Som and now fro

Ice LoveChapter 70

0.4 seconds For 0.4 seconds, I've bet my life on everything to train up to this moment. For a long time, I've thought about why I couldn't beat this delinquent When I was at the lowest point in my life, an upperclassman said "You wanna know how to im

I Ended Up in the World of MurimChapter 38

Did you not wish to see me, My Lord? I've taken over a man's body in the world of Murim, and to make things even more complicated, it's the body of an extra in a world where everything is determined by strength and skills. There's only one way to sur

I Want to Know Her RawChapter 35

On the night of the workshop, a mysterious woman took off the pants of Sungjin, a new employee who was sleeping… Sungjin is faithful to her instincts and spends a hot night with her. The next day, the female employees act as if nothing had happened.

Icelove RawChapter 70HOT

0.4 seconds... I've been practicing all my life to shorten only 0.4 seconds. But why can't I win over that naughty child... At that time when I was depressed, the senior said. "Can you tell me how to make a better record? Prepare yourself for today."

I Can’t Believe I Cum From Having My Nipples Teased…!Chapter 36

"I'll touch your nipples and tell your fortune."That said, I reached for the breasts of the girl I admired. One day, Asumi was called by his brother, a fortune-teller, and asked to replace him. Asumi had no choice but to change into his brother's att

Instagram Queen RawChapter 60

Jinsoo, famous on social media as 'Malja', a photographer Eunkol. The reality is that she is a pure college student who can't even talk to her partner. One day, social media goddesses ask Eunkol to take a sexy pictorial from Jinsoo, who is revealed t

Inheritance RawChapter 15

His eye-catching car accident like 'Ping Pong', who became the official campus champion by one mistake, will change his life! "Help me. The Count is in danger."

If I See Your Boobs, There’s No Way I Won’t Lick Them…Chapter 18

Throughout the after-school hallways, the sound of something wet echoes along with the lewd voice of a lovely woman… I know it was just supposed to be her boobs, but… I want to see more… More of this secret side of my teacher!