Never Too LateChapter 132

There’s a new student at my university who’s always surrounded by guys… the only problem is, that’s my mom!!

NewlywedsChapter 28 - The End

I got married as I dreamed of a happy life I see in fairy tales. But is this what all marriages are like?!

Naked Matchmaking with My Childhood FriendsChapter 16

I was blindsided by a downright dirty meeting to decide my future wife… by having sex with the candidates!? And of all people, I’m being set up with two best friends, the Shiihara sisters!

No Holes BarredChapter 91 - Side Story 6 (The End)

Hyesol, a dom, is looking for a new “friend” for her sub partner. At a party, she spots Sunhwee, who’s recently returned to college after taking a 3-year break. While Sunhwee is eager to get with Hyesol, he is alarmed at how quickly things escalate t

Not you, But Your SisterChapter 35

I’ll help you masturbate.” Minhyuk is attracted to his girlfriend’s sister from the moment he saw her, who has the opposite charm to his cute girlfriend. Then, by chance, he sees his girlfriend’s older sister masturbating. He just had to pretend he d

No Goddess, no!Chapter 46

Yoon Heeji is serving as the nation’s current goddess, granting wishes to those that pray to her. But being a goddess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: there’s paparazzi, constant criticisms from the public, and, well… granting wishes isn’t so easy, e

NeighborsChapter 56 - The End

When a mysterious woman moves into the house next door, Gunwoo soon realizes that getting to know your neighbors is much more dangerous than he thought.

Nano MachineChapter 171
ActionMartial ArtsShounen

After being held in disdain and having his life put in danger, an orphan from the Demonic Cult, Cheon Yeo-Woon, has an unexpected visit from his descendant from the future who inserts a nano machine into Cheon Yeo-Woon’s body, which drastically chang

New Teacher in TownChapter 32 - The End

I’m the only man in this entire village?! Please leave me alone! Find out about the intriguing life of a young male teacher in a village full of women.

Narae’s FantasyChapter 38

Sweet, adorable Narae. The girl next door that everyone loves! Except, she has just one little secret- she fantasizes about having sex with anyone and everyone! Men, women, BDSM, toys, you name it, it’s in there. Nothing is off limits for Narae. Now

NEXT GossipChapter 78 - The End

Enjoy real, extraordinary stories told by ordinary people.

New EmployeeChapter 25 - The End

How will Tyler survive his new job where he is the only man who also happens to have a little secret?

Nan year (My Year) RawChapter 84

“The secret? I sell everything that I can sell”. The story of a young woman who started as a store salesperson and went up to an executive secretary.

Not a friend – What do I call her as?Chapter 59

Christmas Eve, at the age of 21. "Geonwoo", who is single once again this year, didn't think much about his childhood friend, Haru's, suggestion of spending the eve together. "Do you remember when we said that we should help each other out if we are

Not You, But Your Sister RawChapter 35

I’ll help you masturbate.” Minhyuk is attracted to his girlfriend’s sister from the moment he saw her, who has the opposite charm to his cute girlfriend. Then, by chance, he sees his girlfriend’s older sister masturbating. He just had to pretend he d

Nineteen, Twenty-OneChapter 21 - The End

Yun-lee is a girl who is carrying a huge emotional scar in her heart. Due to an accident, she lost 2 precious years of her life, the time period between 19 and 21 years old. Her life is empty. She is miserable, but still attending a preparatory schoo

Neighboring Houses Seonggeun RawChapter 18

Had it not been for Mr. Seong-Geun, who lives in the neighboring house, he would not have been able to get through the difficult times. He was humble, gentle, capable, respected, and considered a benefactor. My wife... No, he broke our family.

Naughty GirlChapter 10

Baek Bo-Ri, perfect with both beauty and competency One day a loser otaku starts blackmailing her. He calls her out every night.

Noona’s TasteChapter 67

Min-Su, who only worked hard day by day, was living a dull, tasteless life. By chance, he finds a regular snack shop from his school days. I came in to taste the taste of tteokbokki that I had been missing for a long time Why is it delicious Ah... No

Next Door 2 RawChapter 32

Sun-woo became a local school lecturer from a famous painter. One day, the girl who dreamed of her paintings appeared as a student. With her beautiful mom …

Nude Cam GirlfriendChapter 24

Nam-Wook, of the clothing department, loses weight in the military and returns to school as a super-stud returning student. Nam-Wook, who barely returned to his school after an excruciating time in the military can't cope with the sudden rise in his

No Man’s LandChapter 30

It was on a fateful day when an ordinary guy, Lee Seon-Woong, found himself transported to a mysterious new world. Initially excited to make his fantasy adventure debut, his hopes are quickly dashed when he discovers he was granted no special powers

Never Too Late RawChapter 131

There’s a new student at my university who’s always surrounded by guys… the only problem is, that’s my mom!!

Not One, But TwoChapter 50HOT

No synopsis yet check back soon!

No Panty Booty Workout!Chapter 18

My childhood friend believed my lie and showed up for the training seminar without wearing panties, which totally aroused me… And when we stuck to each other, my dick slipped into her sleek entrance…!?

Nana to KaoruChapter 156

Kaoru is a 17-year-old virgin who has an SM fetish. He secretly dreams about an SM relationship with his childhood friend Nana. One day Kaoru’s mom asks Nana to hide all his SM toys so he’ll study for a change. However, Nana finds the leather one-pie

Newlyweds RawChapter 28

The newlyweds started dreaming of a marriage in a fairy tale... But Minwoo and Soyoung are not. At the end of their honeymoon, full of doubts and passions...?

NTR MassageChapter 21

Sticky, slippery… being toyed with so gently. I was just getting a massage, but… he’s making me come when my boyfriend’s right next to me!

Naked IslandChapter 38

Trapped on an island with no way out. The ultimate fight for survival has begun!

Nude Lampshade Model RawChapter 33


Nana to Kaoru: Black LabelChapter 45

Nana to Kaoru: Black Label series begins 8 months in the future of the parent version, with Nana and Kaoru in the summer of their final year of high school. Nana is a normal teenage girl in her last year of high school getting ready for college admis

Nana to Kaoru ~Koukousei no SM gokko~Chapter 19

This is a spinoff of “Nana & Kaoru”. The story takes place in the third year of high school, after the ending of the manga, but before Black Label (aka Arashi).

New FlavorsChapter 30

It seemed no one could stop him except himself. But one fateful day, he abruptly gets transferred to the rural branch.

Newly Married Couple RawChapter 17

I got married as I dreamed of a happy life I see in fairy tales. But is this what all marriages are like?!

Netorare My Sugar Mama in Her Husband’s BedroomChapter 18

She found herself being recklessly lusted after by a young man… She knows it isn’t right, but… she feels so fulfilled when he does that…

Not in School!Chapter 33

3 years of an ordinary teaching life! I fell for the allure of Games teacher Yeon Woo and spent the night together. After that day when I thought it would end up being a fling My ex-girlfriend comes up to me as a parent with a mission. These women ke

Night With My Sister RawChapter 50

After his grandmother, his only remaining family passed away, CHUL-WOO falls deep into despair. JI-YOON, sister of his friend, comforts him every night with her huge breasts "You skins smell so nice"

Night King Seong Gwi Nam RawChapter 101

On the day that ordinary man Seong Gwi-Nam comes to see his new house, he meets a mysterious ghost sensibility band and opens the second act of his life. Gwi-Nam, who has acquired a special ability to attack women's hearts from the legendary Gangnam

Neighborhood Lady RawChapter 6

Enter the Description here...

Noraneko Shoujo to no KurashikataChapter 25

It was a rainy night. A girl in a school uniform named Mitsuru Takada suddenly visits the house of Atsutaka Satou. That day, as she came back from school, her house had become someone else’s property. Due to family circumstances, she was passed to ma

Netorare My Teacher With My FriendsChapter 18

Wet lips, slurping up her love juices. The way she screamed while they teased her nipples. And me, powerless to do anything but watch as the teacher I loved descended into a sex-crazed stupor.

No More No Less RawChapter 12

Yeon-woo is reunited with Eun-Yeong, a high school student, due to a wrong phone call. "Can't we stay at your house for a while?" I allowed it while I was drunk, but trouble continued to occur

Newfound PartnersChapter 27

No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Nogada Romance RawChapter 50

Jeon Yoo-Joon, a college student with a dirt spoon, starts having a thing with the women on the construction site thanks to a major accident that happened on the first day of work… A sexy and lively youthful romance unfolds.

Neighborhood Women RawChapter 44

Thanks to her close parents since childhood, she was worried about Ji-ho and Hye-mi, who grew up like her brothers and sisters. Ji-ho introduces Da-hee as her own sect.

Nikuhisyo YukikoChapter 24

Secretary Yukiko Tachibana is constantly being used by Vice President Tatsuo Asakura as a pawn to blackmail rivals, seduce customers, and as his own sexual plaything. Will she ever be free from his never-ending exploitation?

New IdentityChapter 40

My soul enters into my friend’s body. Now, I decide to take advantage of your body, as well as your girlfriend!

Not to be missedChapter 19

"It's hot and hard stuff and filling me up." "Do it harder.."20-year-old Jae-Hwi, who was about to join the military, will spend his first night with Mina, whom he had a crush on. A clumsy but sweet first time, can this feeling last forever?