Teacher’s PetChapter 64

Seungmin used to have a crush on his high school teacher. Maybe he still has some fantasies about her. So what? A fantasy is just a fantasy. High school was ages ago, and he has a girlfriend that'll marry him in a few months. That's his reality. But

Campus LoveChapter 32

After a humiliating breakup, Kibum suffers from recurring nightmares of his cheating ex. But a new school year always comes with the added anticipation of romance, and Kibum is more than determined to spice up his love life once again!

Sex Stopwatch RawChapter 17

"Hey, Loser Joo. Did you just secretly look at my chest and panties?" Just before the ordinary repeating student, loser Joo Oh Young was going to get hit by a popular girl with a sexy body, he awakened the king's ability and stopped time! "How dare y

Delivery to Home RawChapter 10

Seung-Jun returns to his hometown and starts working as a delivery boy. Accidentally, in the house where he went to deliver, he sees a woman who resembles his first love and displays his own strange imagination. But by chance, after that day, he goes

Intern Haenyeo RawChapter 9

It's the generation of the Corona outbreak! Due to a shortage of medical personnel, "Hwang Gwangho," an intern doctor, was forcibly assigned to a place called "Mermaid Village."One day, he meets "Hyeyeon," one of the village's Haen-Yeos who is defens

Cosplay GirlChapter 14

After being rejected by her unrequited love, the usually carefree Narae decides she needs to redeem her self-esteem. A normal girl by day, at night Narae now transforms into BJ Nari, the cosplaying live streamer! It doesn't matter that she got rejec

Dirty ReverieChapter 39

No one wants to die a virgin, but for one poor girl, that's exactly what happened. Now she's stuck roaming the world as a sexy succubus, looking for a nice young virgin to ravish. And Song Woorim, a handsome yet chaste college student, fits the bill

Intern HaenyeoChapter 8

It's the generation of the Corona outbreak! Due to a shortage of medical personnel, "Hwang Gwangho," an intern doctor, was forcibly assigned to a place called "Mermaid Village." One day, he meets "Hyeyeon," one of the village's Haenyeos who is defens

Stay at Home RawChapter 8

Hyeon-woo, who is staying at a childhood friend's house to attend university in Seoul, witnesses Se-bin's secret actions on the first night in the boarding house. "Isn't it unfair that she only showed you?" So, I'm afraid you'll see it too." A high-l

Gluestick GirlChapter 30

Who's that gorgeous girl walking late at night through the neighborhood? And why is she only wearing a sexy lingerie dress? She must get off on being ogled at But wait! What's that stuck between her legs? Is that a gluestick?!

Life with MiaChapter 9

The start of a dangerous new life with my ex-girlfriend's sister.

Sergeant BrynnChapter 8

I recently started a new job at a caf where I met my old sergeant My hot, sexy, sergeant And yes, we have a past

Old MemoriesChapter 13

I moved to the city for college, and who's there to welcome me? My pretty childhood friends!

Don’t Seduce Me!Chapter 12

All I wanted was to learn my father-in-law's business, but I seem to be learning more than that from him!

Long DriveChapter 10

Men, women, sticks, balls, holes. Yep, that's the game of golf. Hey, get your head out of the gutter!

Spirit PossessionChapter 6

A statue said to have been the home of a sex spirit was smashed by me! And these girls think it moved inside me. Oh, I have an idea!

The Unforeseen GuestChapter 31

A freak summer monsoon forces unforeseen guests into Kyle's house Will he be able to last until they move back to their house?

Secret TutorChapter 9

This wasn't something I thought I'd teach someone!

Back with a BangChapter 25

Hwa-Yeon's marriage hasn't been a happy one. Her husband's always away on business, not to mention the fact that he's always sleeping with other women. She's had enough- she's going to have her fun. She's going to go back to the days when she'd party

Wife for 1000 DaysChapter 15

Ever since she married rich hottie Seon Moon-hyuk, people began to call Jo Eunae the Cinderella of the 21st Century'. But Eunae's life is no fairy tale, and her marriage well, it's barely even real! Imagine still being a virgin after three years of m

Bride TrainingChapter 10

A marriage of convenience shouldn't stop you from having fun! Playboy lawyer Taeshik's determined to make his last day as a single man as memorable as possible. A club is the best place for sexy encounters that don't last, and Taeshik thinks that his

Housewife TrainingChapter 13

An innocent housewife, Heejoo doesn't really know the ways of the world. So, when she decides to go on a trip to Hawaii with her husband, she has no idea how her life is going to change. She meets the charming Sungjoon on the way there. Having caught

Not Safe for Work ♡Chapter 10

Juho, who works part-time at a convenience store while attending school, has a crush on Ruri, a fellow part-timer who started working two months ago. "I want to date"

Show Me What Comes After KissingChapter 12

"At your limit already? Looks like you really are just a little brat." She approached him with romantic feelings built up over the span of ten whole years, but neither her kissing nor her touch could compete with an adult's

When Did We Start Dating?!Chapter 9

When did we start dating?!'So you're saying that we're not dating, but we're sex partners?!!'Jinho', who's going to be discharged from his military service soon, without him knowing became sex partners with his childhood friend Juri' (previously a sc

Cumming 100 Times To Protect My CrushChapter 24

Naoki is a beautiful and innocent female student who has had a good relationship with her childhood friend Takenshi. Takenshi is often beaten by male students. Gaoki sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend, who is raped by her male friends at the sa

Secret Siblings RawChapter 8

Two brothers, who do not have a drop of blood between them, after watching an adult movie, the rough and annoying relationship between them will begin to change after he begins to touch his sister's breasts.

#Dense #Summer #FirstloveChapter 5

2022 Summer Special! A special summer vacation prepared by Toptoon! A summer story set against the backdrop of a sweltering summer.

Rainbow RawChapter 12

After being struck by lightning, the women's zones begin to appear! Women get wet as soon as Ok-hee touches them. "I can't stand it, put it on now!" By the way, each light color has a different feeling!? Fascinating events begin to happen in a small

Lady Elisha’s Diary of DebaucheryChapter 20

Her sexual desire is not inferior, but she lost her unwanted premarital chastity. What in the world, such a shame! The second chance in her life gave back her cynicism! Elisha of the noble family, As soon as she opens her eyes to the body of a young

Cucumber Market RawChapter 12

Gongmin posted on the used market because he was too lazy to wash the dishes after work. But a great goddess has come...! She doesn't even avoid Gongmin's blatant skinship! The water level is getting higher and higher... "Let's wash first..."

Charming Girl RawChapter 10

Joo-Woon has not yet forgotten the memories of her first love in high school, lives on a pink campus with her pretty, angelic girlfriend, Yuri, but always remembers her first love, Na-hee, and suffers from unexplained frustration. And Na-hee, a more

My Sister-in-law’s SkirtChapter 12

Unfortunately for Siyoung, the first woman he meets that suits his taste was his brother's wife. His sister-in-law, who is increasingly frustrated with her marriage life, and Siyoung, who got attached to her. What kind of future awaits the three?

Skirt of Brother's WifeChapter 6

Unfortunately, the ideal woman Si-young meets for the first time is his brother's wife. What future awaits the three of us?

Venus GuytrapChapter 39

A young man gave up on his dreams for his sister's college tuition. But since that night' his sister has changed and to make things worse, he discovers a shocking video that'd change things forever

WIFE GAMEChapter 19

While he was having a good time with girls working at the karaoke, HO-JUN gets a video call. "If you don't send me a video that you're having sex with those girls, I'll kill your wife." The video call was from a strange man with a mask on and HO-JUN

Touch MeChapter 25

He makes my heart beat like crazy It feels like it's about to burst!!! Wait Was he just acting?

Skirt of Brother's Wife RawChapter 12

Unfortunately, the ideal woman Si-young meets for the first time is his brother's wife. What future awaits the three of us?

The Hypnosis App was FakeChapter 12

An F-Class Awakened pastor is subjected to unreasonable sexual harassment by female S-Class Awakened. One day, while I was humiliated and teaching the women who have been bothering me, I found out that the hypnosis app that I have been using for half

My Best Friend’s GirlChapter 31

What would you do if you fell in love with your best friend's ex-girlfriend?

Just Once RawChapter 15

A moon eclipse that does not stand for women once did. I met Chorom, a woman of fate, and I was having a happy day, but one day the symptoms reappeared. From that day on, lust and seduction for new women begin...

Romantic CampingChapter 13

After being discharged from the army, Chanyoung' finds himself working part-time at a campsite at his previous sergeant's request, and that night, a beauty grabs him by the hand saying "Excuse me!! Come with me to pair up!"

Maid RehabilitationChapter 17

Gyuwon returned after growing weary of city life.Nobody is supposed to be in my rural residence, so who is this woman I have never seen before?And apparently, she's my fiance?!

SEDUCTION : Doll CastleChapter 32

I loved my brother's wife who died 7 years ago And now, she has returned!

She’s BackChapter 43

My wife returned from overseas, and moved in with me But didn't we get divorced? Living with my ex-wife who doesn't even let me touch her Can't we just start again?!

Your Wife RawChapter 14

Jin Hong, who gets a part-time job at a market, experiences strange things from the first day of work with the shooter Jin-Kyung. After that, Jin Hong-Eun keeps thinking about that day and keeps making mistakes, and Jin-Kyung, who hasn't seen him, ca

Obscene BaguetteChapter 20

I'm twenty-seven years old. Although I'm old enough to have my own sweet romance, I refuse to date any man because of my traumatizing experience with my first boyfriend when I was 20 years old. What matters to me is the size of a man! Because of that

Superstitious NineChapter 45

Soo-Hee grew up trapped in a household preaching about an old-school policy that women must be submissive and modest. And at the age of 29, she left. Using an app on her phone for the first time in her life, she got connected with a man, whose person