You’re Not That Special!Chapter 50 - The End

I didn’t think much of the creepy girl in class… But who would have thought… That she was so evil…!

Young Boss ManhwaChapter 113

Young Boss Manhwa also known as (AKA) “어린 상사 ; (primatosakti)”. This OnGoing was released on 2019. The story was written by 공하굥 and illustrations by 복코. Young Boss webtoon is about Drama, Mature, Slice of Life story. Young Boss Manhwa – Summary Seun

Young BossChapter 113

Seung-ho is living with his oldest girlfriend. It’s a very sexy girlfriend, but she’s getting tired of her fight. After long preparations for employment, Seung-ho finally gets a job and goes to work with a full-fledged dream. As she gets closer to he

You’re No GoodChapter 103

Why does Alfred insist on living as an outcast? And why does Hollie try so hard to keep him company? Is there something going on between the two?

You’re My Angel!Chapter 67 - The End

Ashley was hanging between life and death when she was unexpectedly visited by an angel… What will happen to her now that she is living with an angel?!

Yuri’s Part Time JobChapter 65 - The End

Yuri is the perfect college student, so no one suspects she’s living a double life at night. Until Professor Baek finds out about her secret part-time job…

You are not that Special!Chapter 50

You are not that Special! Manhwa also known as (AKA) “Without Anything Good ; 잘난 것도 없으면서!”. This Completed was released on 2019. The story was written by Abyo4 and illustrations by Bolp. You are not that Special! webtoon is about Drama,

You Have The Wrong PersonChapter 34

What would you do if you found out your childhood friend wasn’t who you thought they were?

You Make Me SwoonChapter 58

Face it, high school’s hard. From friends to grades to looks, everything matters. Luckily, Ha Nami’s got most of that taken care of. Her grades are at the top of her class, she’s got two loyal friends, and she’s pretty to boot. Unfortunately, she’s a

Your Wife Was AmazingChapter 27

Cheolnam, works as a night security guard, at the largest corporation TC Group. He joins a free open chat room for married couples out of boredom. However, to his surprise, he discovers that it's not just an ordinary chat room but a secretive chat ro

You Cum, You Lose! ~Wrestling with a Pervert~Chapter 15

“I’ll show you what molesters do.” Undercover of a self-defense demonstration, he messes around with her sweaty body, and while her students look on she melts into a cute, sopping puddle…

Youshou no Hana no HimitsuChapter 13

1-3. Meganekko Rengou 4, 8, 12, 14. Imouto Wa Ikaga? 5-6. Mainichi Ippai 7. Na-ka-yo-shi 9. Crotch Line no Higashi (East of the Crotch Line) 10. Chuuka Shoujo 11. Lolicon Jigoku (Lolicon Hell) 13. Good Morning

Yogurt Delivery LadyChapter 14

Rumor has it, that there's a yogurt lady who eats men's yogurt in a one-bedroom village at a university. To verify the rumor, Junwoo asks Sohee, the yogurt lady he secretly likes. "Ahjumma, I wanna eat Junwoo's yogurt."

You’re Soaking Wet…Chapter 9

The teacher I love so much is stroking my sensitive place with oil… making such lewd noises. It’s embarrassing… but I can’t help but move my hips wanting more!

Yuki Nee-chan no Kan-nou GokkoChapter 18

First-year Highschool boy Shin Yuki stumbles one day upon his naked childhood friend, Yukino Kurose, reenacting a sensual scene with a mannequin in an empty classroom. She is a third-year student who wants to experience first-hand scenes from the boo

You Me HerChapter 21

My dear friend, could I please get my wife back? The girl you fell in love with at first sight…What if she was your friend’s wife?!

You Can Cum Three More Times, Right?Chapter 110

"He didn't touch me again today." Nanami, a full-time housewife, is frustrated. Her husband, Manabu, is a busy doctor, and he always comes home late. He never eats her cooking nor has sex with her. She's spent her days losing confidence as a woman. O

Young MadamChapter 43

"Isn't it exciting to imagine roughly banging an innocent teacher?" Big breasts, is kind, has a nice voice, and puts her students first. She is the perfect teacher, and I'm gonna confess after graduating. Huh? Is she's gonna quit and get married?

Your Wife was Delicious RawChapter 37

Cheolnam, night guard of the conglomerate TC Group. I signed up for fraud with an open chat room for married men and women... Turns out it's not just an open chat room, but a secret TC Group lady's chat room. Cheolnam's counterattack, which was ignor

You Said Just the Tip… I Asked My Brother’s Girlfriend to Have Sex With Me Without a Condom!!Chapter 74HOT

"You made three round trips already!" Mitsuki is my older brother's girlfriend, and he often brings her to our house. I am always annoyed by the paintings that come from the next room, but one day on his day off, my brother has to leave for work all

You Can't Have RawChapter 24

The day when unrequited love became a friend's lover. Now I give up and cross the line with my younger brother under one year old... Strangely, the chance to regain her unrequited love comes little by little ???

Your Girlfriend Was AmazingChapter 44

One day, Lee Tae-ok, a modern-day Alpha male was reborn as the delinquent character Baek Taeyang' from a novel And at that moment, a shining status window appears before his eyes! "Fuck the female character, if you wish to live."

You Stole Condoms, so I Can Steal Your Virginity, Right?Chapter 9

Body check for suspicion of theft. The manager’s hands are exploring my whole body, checking inside me even… Forgive me, please. Any more teasing and I’ll come again!

Your SituationChapter 56.5

Ordinary public servant student Bo-dam has a fatal problem that cannot be said to people. Premature ejaculation! He lasts less than a minute! His worries about not being able to satisfy his pretty girlfriend in front of him become more worrisome, but

You'll Cum in Less Than a Minute!Chapter 18

“I’m… not… gonna come, I tell you…!” Contrary to her confident attitude, her flushed body is on the brink of orgasm! Will one minute’s stimulation get the best of her…!?

Your Husband is Mine. ~Wet Penetration at the Midnight Salon~Chapter 96

“More, more… Lose yourself in me…” These are the hot and heavy sounds of a man and woman at a salon at midnight. They are there continuously dripping wet for a reason — for, Yui, that reason is a surprise reunion at an interview with Miyako, an abuse

Young HousemaidChapter 56

On a heavy rainy night, the sister next door, who disappeared 15 years ago, reappeared in wet clothes. The longer you spend time with them, the more you are drawn to yet suspicious of Sehee Noonan, who came as a housemaid.

YouboChapter 14

No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Young New Bride RawChapter 34

Married woman Noe is having a normal honeymoon with her husband Masahiko, but has not been able to have satisfactory sex. Then one day, she meets a man who knows Noe's "secret that no one can tell"... Why do you feel so well when you're being hurt─!

Your Husband RawChapter 33.5

Eun-a, the deputy manager of a family restaurant, has a sexless relationship with her husband. When I’m busy, I approach my husband who is sleeping in a dark living room first at the advice of the staff that skinship is important…

You Came During the Massage Earlier, Didn’t You?Chapter 27

"If you tease me there, I'll cum!" The masseur's fingers are rubbing the body of Aoi Ayukawa, the ace of the swimming club, lewdly! She's not been feeling well, so she tries to get a massage to recover from her fatigue. When the nice-looking masseur

Your Girlfriend Amazing RawChapter 45

One day, the alpha male Lee Taeok is teleported to the novel world as "Baek Taeyang", a bully... Then, a bright status window appears in front of him?" "If you want to live, you must have sex with heroin."

Yanagihara Is a Sex Addict.Chapter 203

“Because I’m horny right now.” Inside the nurse’s office, Yanagihara gently and repeatedly put his lips on hers, as if asking for warmth. He has a “sex addiction”.

Your Creepy BucketlistChapter 9

To escape his grandmother's hellish house, Hyunwoo' worked relentlessly to move out. However, the house he'd bought for cheap already lives a horrifying(?) virgin female ghost who's not able to leave.On the verge of being chased out, the virgin ghost

Young CEO RawChapter 48

'Su-Han', is a perfect man who combines ability, financial power, and superior physical abilities at a young age. After meeting Na-young, Byung-Jun's wife, college student, and subordinate, Na-young's mature and sexy image never stops thinking about

Your Situation RawChapter 56

Ordinary public servant student Bo-dam has a fatal problem that cannot be said to people. Premature ejaculation! He lasts less than a minute! His worries about not being able to satisfy his pretty girlfriend in front of him become more worrisome, but

Your Wife's All In RawChapter 5

After 3 years of marriage, the young wife, Saki, is happy with her elderly husband. She, on the other hand, feels dissatisfied with her sex, which she can't last for five minutes. One day, Saki went to a drink with her younger brother Izumi, a handso

Youthful RawChapter 30

“Oh, I want to go back to my twenties.” One day, when I opened my eyes, I was handsome, and a fellow initiates in his 40s who was tall and energetic. Young women come with their bodies to themselves… No… But… How many women does this guy meet?!

You Are My FirstChapter 45

He is living the happiest life on campus with his perfect girlfriend, BOM. But when his sexy ex-girlfriend and seductive childhood friend comes in, things start getting out of control! "But I have a girlfriend!!" Will he be able to save his current r

You Can Grope It, if Only 10 Times…Chapter 54

"You can grope my boobs but Only 10 times." "There's a concert that I really want to go to, so let me stay over." That is what a childhood friend, Mayu, said when coming to his house. This being the first time seeing each other since graduating high

Yogurt Ladies RawChapter 14

Rumor has it, that there's a yogurt lady who eats men's yogurt in a one-bedroom village at a university. To verify the rumor, Junwoo asks Sohee, the yogurt lady he secretly likes. "Ahjumma, I wanna eat Junwoo's yogurt."

Young AuntChapter 20

Hyun-soo, who lost his first love, his private tutor to his father. spends his days being constantly ignored by his tiny aunt who appeared out of nowhere, to the point where he forgets even his heartbreak. "Let's go out with me, Kim Hyun-soo." And th

You are my XXChapter 40

Choi Doyoung who's been a virgin for 28 years, is content with her masturbation devices alone every night, but one day, she gets caught by her boss and former classmate, Kang Hanjin. In the moment of silence, Doyoung blurts Let's sleep together just

Yoiko no Gohoubi♡Chapter 10

1. Nagasarete Mujintou (Cast Away… Deserted Island) 2. Yoiko no Gohoubi♡ (A Good Boy’s Gift) 3. Benkyou Shiyou yo! (Let’s Study Together) 4. Keikaku Doori (Just as Planned!) 5. Kyou Ikuteki Shidou! (Training Guidance) 6. Ira Ira!! 7. Giri Chocolate n

Your Wife RawChapter 44

Jin Hong, who gets a part-time job at a market, experiences strange things from the first day of work with the shooter Jin-Kyung. After that, Jin Hong-Eun keeps thinking about that day and keeps making mistakes, and Jin-Kyung, who hasn't seen him, ca

You Want to do it With a Woman You Don't Know? RawChapter 52

Nam Dohyun, a college student fell into a pure white space with a woman he had never seen before. A beautiful goddess appears in a meaningful space, with a mirror full of screaming people. Unable to comprehend the situation, the suddenly appearing go

Young Boss RawChapter 113

Seungho is living with his oldest girlfriend. It’s a very sexy girlfriend, but he’s getting tired of fighting her. After long preparations for employment, Seungho finally gets a job and goes to work with a full-fledged dream. As he gets closer to his

Yawaraka na TaionChapter 9

1. Jounetsu Engage (Passion Engage) 2. Kyoudou Well Maid (The Well “Maid” Instructor) 3. Sekimen Perfume 4. Nimensei Lovers (Double-Sided Lovers) 5. Koisame Dolce 6. Aijou Cherish 7. 8. 9. Shinyuu Affection (Best Friend Affection)