Player Who Can’t Level UpChapter 145

Gigyu Kim awakened as a player at the age of 18. He thought his life was on the track to success, climbing ‘the tower’ and closing ‘the gates’… But even after clearing the tutorial, he was level 1. He killed a goblin a day, and he was still level 1.

Secret AllianceEpilogue - Creator's Note

Eun Sian, otherwise known as Shanshan by her good friend Hyunee, is popular with all the girls at school. Which would be great if she swung that way, but she doesn’t. It just happens that she’s terrified of men, and her mother is obsessed with protec

Ms. MysticChapter 97 - Side Story 8: Mr. Mystic (8) (The End)

Seeing her on the subway to work is one of Taepyung’s daily delights. But his lighthearted fantasy becomes something much more when he accidentally spills his coffee on her clothes. From that moment on, he starts to receive anonymous videos and pics

Limit BreakerChapter 80

Due to an unknown error, Kim Kibong was trapped in the Awakening Test for 3000 years. In the real world, 10 years have passed, and it is overrun by monsters and dungeons. The battle now begins for Kim Kibong, who returned with the max level, to resto

My Secret BrotherEpilogue - Creator's Note

Hanmi told a lie on the first day of her new school just to get Lee Gun to notice her. But her shallow plan backfired and now everyone thinks she’s dating Junhyuk…her actual cousin!

Killing StalkingEpilogue - Creator's Note

Yoon Bum, a scrawny quiet boy, has a crush on one of the most popular and handsome guys in school, Sangwoo. One day, with Yoonbum’s obsession towards Sangwoo reaching its peak, Yoon Bum decides to enter Sangwoo’s home. But what he saw inside was not

Incompetent VillainChapter 33

He can’t even kill a person, but he’s a villain? What kind of Villain is that? Kim Dong Jin, a high school student who calls himself a villain and explores the dark side. And this villain’s fatal weakness is…

Charlotte and Her 5 DisciplesChapter 132

Magic grants what the heart desires… at least that’s what the grand sorcerer Charlotte Eleanor always believed. Charlotte saved the world while also forming a following of five disciples to learn her magical gifts. Despite all that, she still couldn’

Friends with SecretsChapter 52

HYUN-TAE joins a group of his old friends for a reunion. 3 guys and a girl, there is something special about this meeting.

Melo HolicChapter 73 - The End

A cynical romance, ‘Have you been addicted to love?’

A Rich LadyChapter 52

Myung-Woon, a waiter at a host bar suffering from the hardships of life due to his extravagant nature, lands a job as a private driver for a rich family.

Relationship Reversal Button RawChapter 20

At the hospital where I sought treatment for insomnia, an arrogant female doctor caught my attention. Unexpectedly, I pressed a button I hadn't used in a long time, and the arrogant female doctor suddenly changed her attitude, spread her legs, and as

Island PuzzleChapter 28

A couple goes to a hotel on an island. On that stormy night, a guest falls from her room and dies. The couple has to solve the mystery!

R402Vol.3 Chapter 18: The Call Of Cthulhu

“R“ or rather Room 402 is the room where our illustrious female main character lives. One day which seems to be by mere coincidence her fate intertwines with that of Sasamoto, a savvy man who seems to be down in the dumps. That is until he picks up a

GigantChapter 77

Rei Yokoyamada, a high school boy whose father works for Toujou's film production is inspired to create his own short film with his friends. One day, while out to scavenge actors for his film, he spots a poster of Papiko, an adult video actress with

Saikin Kono Sekai wa Watashi dake no Mono ni Narimashita……Chapter 85

A hot nymphomaniac wakes up one morning to find that everyone in the world has disappeared…

A Rich Lady RawChapter 65

Myung-Woon, a waiter at a host bar suffering from the hardships of life due to his extravagant nature, lands a job as a private driver for a rich family.

The Game: Fatal DoctorChapter 41

Jinkyung is a young doctor who has her eye on a promotion. The only problem is, all the obstacles she has to get through to achieve her goal. There's the hard-ass Dr. Kang, the young residents, Dr. Jo and Dr. Kim and of course, the one who holds her

An Uncomfortable TruthEpilogue

Yoseob, normally very quiet and composed, is in the police station convicted of stabbing 8 civilians with a knife. Everyone’s wondering whether he actually committed the crime. Does he, a mere high-schooler, really have any reason to have done such a

Jiken Jaken!Vol.7 Chapter 92: The Empty Classroom!

A beautiful, talented, and mystery-loving high school girl and a younger schoolboy solve mysteries in their day-to-day lives at school.

Young HousemaidChapter 56

On a heavy rainy night, the sister next door, who disappeared 15 years ago, reappeared in wet clothes. The longer you spend time with them, the more you are drawn to yet suspicious of Sehee Noonan, who came as a housemaid.

Sex Toy Try-OutsChapter 50

The spark is slowly fading from Sanghyun and Sunhee's relationship, and they don't know what to do. Luckily for them, the answer to all their problems is right in front of themin the sex toy shop Sunhee's been working at! Despite being a loyal employ

SOWChapter 15

By day, Ha-Rin is a sculptor and teacher. By night, she turns into the serial killer Sow who, along with her protege Soon-Hee, uses a chat app to ensnare men with sex. After the deed is done, the men are kidnapped and tortured to death, punished for

Miss MysticChapter 97

Seeing her on the subway to work is one of Taepyung’s daily delights. But his lighthearted fantasy becomes something much more when he accidentally spills his coffee on her clothes. From that moment on, he starts to receive anonymous videos and pics

Lucid DreamChapter 9 - The End

Ever had a dream so realistic you couldn’t be sure what was real? Raeum has a special power – the power to control his dreams. His power will bring to life an eerie dreamscape that may reveal the key to unlocking the truth behind his past.

Chainsaw ManChapter 97: Love, Love, Chainsaw.

There’s a new hero in town and he’s got a bad attitude and a chainsaw dog demon! A dangerous combo.

Lovely DeathEpilogue - Creator's Note

“Today, we die.” Four young women have gathered at a guesthouse to commit group suicide. Equipped with strong rope, a playlist, and apathy for life, Yeon and her friends seem to have a foolproof plan. Yet when they finally meet Death, Death rejects t

Missing NineChapter 33

How are the victims’ things down there still hard, even after they died? Who’s doing this to them?!

DeliciousChapter 62.5 - Epilogue: Creator's Note

Vegetarian food columnist Shin Chaekyung is a man of mysteries. He spends most days tucked away in his rundown apartment, cooking, writing, and humming to his favorite tunes. But fans can’t get enough of his food—his dishes are known to tickle the ta

HunterChapter 18

What secrets lie behind the young assassin, Hunter’s silence?

Ore no Genjitsu wa Renai Game?? ka to Omottara Inochigake no Game dattaChapter 51

One day, 25-year-old Hasegawa Ryou wakes up to see a holographic screen floating in front of him. The screen prompts him to save/load files and an item shop, as well as his stats. It seems like he’s been sucked into some erotic love game since his st

Host ClubChapter 6

Kang is a timid aspiring writer. However, he feels confident when he works as a waiter at a host club! "Welcome. Everything you desireinnocence, liveliness, and sexinessis available at the host club!"

Until the EndChapter 50 - The End

Saimai, a lovely idol who is loved by everyone, lived a happy life as usual, until something happens and everything is taken away from her. When she is not the one at fault, why is her life, as the victim, destroyed…?!

Taste of a WomanChapter 24

What seemed like a high-paying job to Baechan turns out to be his entry into a hidden society!

Sun and Moon UndecimberChapter 14

There are countless of undead feeding on humans in this world. Countless of magicians have been fighting against them for millions of years but defeat is always the end result. It was not until the emergence of ‘San Zhen’ Clan, 3 successors, in 3 dif

Please Kill My HusbandChapter 81

Brienne Lutengard knew that her parents were selling off their daughter and their status in exchange for money. Still, she thought she'd be able to live a relatively happy life with her husband, but it's not long until the new Duke of House Lutengard

Sleeping Princess and Dreaming DevilChapter 28

One day, a devil appears to a student and proposes a game. She tempts him with one wish if he wins. But if he loses, she takes his soul. He begins a dangerous game with the dreaming devil in his desperation to save his sleeping sister.

NarakaranaChapter 23.5

The male with the devil’s name, Amon. In order to protect himself and the people around him, to gain back his memories, and in order to escape from hell, he must fight. The enemies that will come after him after having woken up from the dead, and the

Dear DoorChapter 36

While in pursuit of criminals, a police officer has an unexpected encounter with a rather uncanny demon. Barely surviving the incident, Do Gyeong Joon is left staring after the retreating form of the mysterious creature in bafflement. However, not lo

Ex vs. StalkerChapter 33

Kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, only the stalker is in the know!