From today, my favorite…

wreck my bias / Destrozando mis Prejuicios / 오늘부터 최애 / Una nueva historia / My Favorite from Today

Authors : Night view

Status : ONGOING

Genres :

Chapters: 46

Last update: 5 days ago

5.0 /5 (98 votes)

" The passionate 20s" As the saying goes, Seong-Jun is a young man overflowing with sexual desire, harboring a secret he has never shared with anyone. It's the fact that he masturbates while watching a yesteryear idol star Jang Min-young's fancams. One night, while under the influence of alcohol, he ends up bringing his friend Geumji, who fell asleep after their first kiss, to her house. Startled by the beauty of Geumji's mother, Seong-Jun tries to hide his aroused state but eventually succumbs to his desires. Seong-Jun, who has never experienced such lust with any other woman besides Jang Min-young, suggests to Geumji that they drink alone together again What will be Seong-Jun's next move?

From today, my favorite…